Saturday, October 15, 2011

List of supported LG models

LGtool supports instant unlock for ALL LG phones, including all listed below and all others through Remote Services by IMEI. (click on phone type to see more)

A100 C1200 G5500 GM310 GT540f KE850 KM501 KU4000 ME600d RD6210 VS660  
A100A C1300 G7000 GM310f GT540g KE850A KM553 KU580 ME770 RD6300 VS740
A100GO C1400 G7030 GM310g GT540GO KE850ASV KM555 KU5900 ME770c RD6400 VS740DU
A110 C1500 G7050 GM360 GT540R KE858 KM555e KU6300 ME770d S5000 VS750
A110GO C2200 G7100 GM360GO GT550 KE970 KM555g KU9200 ME820c S5100 VS910
A130 C300 G7110 GM360I GT810 KE970GO KM555R KU990 ME830d S5200 VX10000
A133 C300GO G7120 GM600 GT810h KE970MF KM555RGO KU990C ME850 SH460 VX4650
A133CH C305 GB100 GM730 GU200 KE970PK KM570 KU990GO ME850c SH470 VX5200
A133GO C305N GB100a GM730e GU200A KF350 KM570F KU990i ME850d SH490 VX5200PP
A133R C310 GB101 GM730f GU200B KF350d KM710 KU990iG ME970 SH810 VX5400
A170 C3100 GB102 GM735 GU200E KF510 KM900 KU990iGO ME970c SU100 VX5500
A170GO C320 GB102GO GM750 GU220 KF510c KM900e KU990MF ME970d SU130 VX5500PP
A175 C320I GB105 GM750h GU230 KF510d KM900F KU990R ME970dPK SU410 VX6000
A175A C330 GB105a GM750n GU230GO KF600 KM900g L01B MG100 SU430 VX6100
A175B C3300 GB106 GM750q GU280 KF600c KP100 L01C MG101 SU630 VX7100
A180 C330I GB107 GR500 GU280f KF600d KP100GO L02B MG105 SU660 VX8000
A180A C3310 GB107a GR500f GU282 KF750 KP105 L02C MG110b SU900 VX8100
A180B C3320 GB107b GR500FD GU285 KF755 KP105a L03B MG120 SU910 VX8350
A190 C3380 GB108 GR500fGO GU285f KF757 KP106 L03C MG125 SU920 VX8360
A190B C3400 GB109 GR500R GU285g KF758 KP106a L04A MG130 SU960 VX8360PP
A230 C900 GB110 GR501 GU290 KF900 KP106b L04B MG150 T300 VX8370
A250 C900B GB115 GR700 GU290f KG110 KP107 L04C MG155 T310 VX8500
A255 C900K GB125 GS100 GU290FPO KG115 KP107a L06A MG160 T310GO VX8500G
A258 C900N GB125a GS101 GU290v KG118 KP107b L06C MG160a T310I VX8500P
AN430 CF360 GB125r GS101A GU292 KG119 KP107GO L07C MG160b T310N VX8500PP
AS740 CF360GO GB126 GS101GO GU295 KG120 KP108 L09C MG161 T315I VX8500R
AX155 CF750 GB126a GS102 GU295F KG130 KP109 L1100 MG161a T320 VX8500RPP
AX265 CG180 GB130 GS105 GU295G KG210 KP109a L1150 MG165 T320E VX8500W
AX265GO CG225 GB170 GS105GO GU297 KG220 KP109b L1400 MG165a T320G VX8550
AX275 CP150 GB175 GS106 GU297A KG221 KP110 L3100 MG230d T325 VX8550APP
AX275GO CT810 GB190 GS106A GW300 KG225 KP115 L341i MG235c T325G VX8550B
AX275SV CT815 GB190a GS107 GW305 KG228 KP130 L342i MG280 T500 VX8550PP
AX300 CX265 GB190b GS107a GW520 KG240 KP135 LG260 MG295 T505 VX8550R
AX310 CX265B GB195 GS107B GW520GO KG245 KP150 LG265 MG296 T505GO VX8560
AX310GO CX265P GB210 GS108 GW525 KG270 KP151 LG300 MG320 TD6100 VX8560B
AX355 CX265S GB220 GS117 GW525f KG271 KP152 LG3510 MG370 TE365 VX8575
AX380 CX265T GB220GO GS155 GW525g KG275 KP170 LG3540 MG377 TE365F VX8610
AX390 CX265V GB220n GS155a GW525GX KG276 KP170GO LG355 MG610 TE365GO VX8610SE
AX4750 CX265X GB220NGO GS155B GW620 KG278 KP175 LG370 MG800 TG800 VX8650
AX490 CX380 GB230 GS170 GW620f KG280 KP200 LG410G MG808 TM125 VX8660
AX500 CX5400 GB250 GS170RD GW620g KG285 KP202 LG490 MN180 TU750 VX8700
AX5000 CX5500 GB250f GS190 GW620GO KG288 KP210a LG510 MN240 U370 VX8800
AX500BL CX5500X GB250g GS200 GW620R KG289 KP215 LG600 MN270 U370C VX8800P
AX565 CX670 GB255 GS205 GW820 KG290 KP230 LG600G MS690 U370W VX9100
AX585 CX700 GB255f GS290 GW825 KG291 KP233 LG6160 MT310 U990 VX9200
AX830 CX700B GB255g GS290GO GW825v KG296 KP235 LG6210 MT375 U990C VX9200M
AX8370 CX700S GB258 GS290N GX200 KG320 KP260 LG6300 MX265 UN200 VX9400
AX840 CX700V GB280 GS290NGO GX300 KG328 KP265 LG6400 MX275 UN270 VX9600
AX840A CX830 GC900 GS390 GX500 KG370 KP270 LG700 MX310 UN430 VX9600WOK
AX8575 CX8550 GC900e GS390GO JN240 KG375 KP275 LG800 MX380 UN510 VX9700
B2000 CX8560 GC900f GS500 KC550 KG376 KP275c LG840 MX5400 UN610 VX9800
B2050 CX9200 GC900FGO GS500f KC550c KG70 KP275d LG8575 MX6000 US660 VX9800M
B2060 CX9600 GD310 GS500G KC550d KG77 KP293 LN240 MX700 US670 W3000
B2070 CX9700 GD330 GS500GX KC560 KG800 KP320 LN510 MX830 US740 W5300
B2100 E900 GD335 GS500v KC780 KG800GO KP500 LS670 MX8550 UX265 W7000
B2150 E900H GD350 GT350 KC910 KG90 KP500GO LU2700 P520 UX310 W7020
BL20 E906 GD510 GT350F KC910e KH2200 KP500N LU3100 P525 UX355 W7100
BL20cf F2100 GD510GO GT350GO KC910i KH2700 KP500SIM3 LU3700 P7200 UX380
BL20df F2300 GD510n GT350i KC910Q KH3400 KP501 LU4300 P970 UX4750
BL20e F2400 GD510NGO GT360 KC910Qa KH3900 KP501GO LU4500 P970G UX5000
BL20GO F2410 GD550 GT365 KE260 KH4500 KP501N LW310 P970H UX565
BL20t F3000 GD550e GT365GO KE360 KH5200 KP502 LW510 P970N UX585
BL20v F7100 GD580 GT370 KE500 KH8000 KP502GO LW690 P990 UX700
BL40 G1600 GD710 GT400 KE508 KH8200 KP505 LX125 P990H UX840
BL40e G1610 GD880 GT400GO KE520 KM330 KP550 LX260 P993 V909DW
BL40f G3000 GD880f GT405 KE590 KM335 KP570 LX265 P999 V909DWDU
BL40g G3100 GD880G GT405GO KE590i KM380 KP570Q LX370 P999DW VM265
BL40k G4010 GD900 GT500 KE600 KM380c KS360 LX400 PX5400 VM670
BL42k G4015 GD900e GT500n KE608 KM380d KS360GO LX570 PX8350 VN250
C100 G4050 GD900f GT500s KE608N KM380T KS365 LX600 PX8700 VN250PP
C105 G5300 GD900FGO GT505 KE770 KM385d KS660 LX610 RD3510 VN251
C1100 G5300i GD910 GT505e KE800 KM386c KT520 M6100 RD3540 VN270
C1150 G5400 GD910c GT540 KE820 KM500 KT525 ME550 RD6160 VN530